Richard Sleigh

Richard Sleigh has been exploring the harmonica from the inside out for decades. He is well known for his high end custom harmonicas and also for his performances and teaching seminars. He basically ruined himself for anything resembling a "normal" life years ago...

He devotes his time to his family, philosophy, practicing and playing music, writing, studying the lives of people who do amazing things, and experiments at living an epic life in spite of his flaws, fears, and self doubts. Music is the central theme in his hero's journey, and he is just crazy enough to believe that music is one of the main forces that changes the world into a better place.

Why should you bother with this course?

This is a course for all levels of harmonica players. I originally called it the Ultimate Beginner Harmonica Course. I changed the name to the Ultimate Foundation Harmonica Course because I have worked with many people who have played for years who don't know some of the secrets I explain in this course.

You'll find detailed and precise instructions on how to get a good solid tone and timing by practicing carefully structured exercises. If you are a newbie you will avoid the most common mistakes that most self taught harmonica players (like me) have made. It will save you a lot of trial and error.

If you are an experienced harmonica player, it will give you a clear path for stopping all the leaks and bad habits that are crippling your true power as a harmonica player.

If you are a harmonica teacher, you will find new ways to think about the basics of breathing through the harmonica, how you put the harmonica in your mouth, the mechanics of breathing specific to the harmonica, and how to lock in great habits for developing tone, endurance and timing from day one.

Real pros know that going back to the basics and questioning everything you know is critical if want to keep from backsliding into mediocrity. This course can get you back into beginners mind, where the air is fresh and clean and anything is possible...